Mission Week Jim Yost Missionary to Papua

Jim Yost is an American having been in Papua (Irian Jaya) for the past 30 years. Having listened to him from saturday morning, night and this morning, I really felt challenged to want to be bold in reaching out to others for Christ. I believe the strongest message that I have laid up in my heart is that to counter fear, the spirit of fear, that is, is to ask God for the spirit of Bravery and of Courage. A lot of the things that God does may not make sense to us, but His ways and His thoughts are always higher. This morning he shared on an extremely profound incident during his first years in Papua. On the day that he and his wife landed in a a Sawi tirbe village, they were greeted by 1,000 Sawis. They had a feast, and out of the blues, a man yelled out, and arrowns and spears were flying from two sides. Little did they realise that these people were at war. Somehow, the Spirit of Bravery came upon them, so they went to either side to break their arrows and to ask them to stop killing, but to no avail. That was their first experience. They gelled in with the people and were accepted as part of them. But they did not believe in the Gospel. After three years, Jim prayed that God would open their hearts to the Gospel. Then he heard loud wails because someone had died. He rushed to the scene and saw that a one year old boy had drowned in the river, and the people were were wailing and moaning. Jim’s wife tried mouth to mouth resuscitation but the boy had died. Jim then asked for the Gift of Faith, and he prayed to God. Then the boy began to throw out water, and lived. That is how people started believing in God and over the years, 80% of the people are Christians.
Me? What? Me? As of now, I am too overwhelmed to react. Why do i always go for the safe route? Isn’t that natural? I don’t know. I ask that God will speak to my heart and give me the Spirit of Courage and Bravery.  
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4 Responses to Mission Week Jim Yost Missionary to Papua

  1. linda Tjandra says:

    Can I have Pastur Jim Yost an E-mail address??

  2. Litalia Ong says:

    sorry can i have Pastor Jim Yost’s phone number?

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